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About the Project

When it came time to build Studio Completiva, I was excited about the front end flair and back end challenges the project presented. Upon the onset, I decided to begin development on a standalone Admin/CMS package, so I developed version 1 in parallel with the site, adding features as the project required. I gave the client control over page content, image galleries, mini-blog posts and team member profiles among other elements of site content. The content management functionality behind their case studies established the foundation of what would eventually become the Case Study package and featured a custom component to control rows of case study images.

Shortly after launch, Studio Completiva appeared to have changed their DNS settings to point to their previous website. The Client Manager in charge of the project didn't provide an explanation, so the project link on this case study points to the pre-launch staging site.

September 2017
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  • Custom Content Management System
  • Custom Site Layout
  • Email Notifications
  • Laravel 5.4
  • Vue
External Credits
  • Alex Geis - Project Management
  • James Lacey - Product Management, Client Services
  • Dave Hughes - Design
  • Nate Steven - Frontend Lead
  • Website


  • Project Architect
  • Development Management
  • Lead Development
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development