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The InfinityLife Systems App creates customized nutrition and fitness plans for users based on their daily feedback. A library component allows InfinityLife to provide informational material to users in order to help them achieve their goals. Premium users gain access to a live coaching platform, allowing coaches to modify their plans in real time and communicate through a messaging platform.


Skip Hill had been a busy fitness and wellness coach for decades. He was at the point where he simply did not have enough time to take on any new clients. He approached us to build an application leveraging his intellectual property to provide his services to those he did not have time to coach directly.

About the Project

ILS required a level of planning unlike any project I had architected before. I discovered UML diagramming during the discovery process, so I spent a good deal of initial time creating Sequence, Class and Activity diagrams. I knew an application of this size needed a degree of automated testing to preserve my sanity. I used Test-Driven-Development techniques to build most components of the application. This allowed me to ensure I didn't introduce bugs as I progressed, and allowed me to test a broader range of variables than manual testing.

ILS features a host of custom logic and user management. Its complexity makes it difficult to write about here, so I'd highly suggest checking out the project and taking advantage of their 2-week free trial.

September 2017
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  • User Accounts
  • Integrated Billing
  • Custom CMS
  • Library Platform
  • Messaging Platform
  • Coaching Platform
  • Fitness and Nutrition Plan Generation
  • Laravel 5.4
  • Vue 2
  • Stripe API
  • Webpack
  • PHPUnit
  • Chart.js
External Credits
  • James Lacey - Product Management, Client Services
  • Dave Hughes - Design, Marketing Site Frontend
  • Nate Steven - Frontend Lead
  • Alex Geis - Project Management Support
  • Web App
  • Website


  • Project Architecture
  • Development Management
  • Lead Development
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Prototyping
  • Project Management Support