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About the Project

The ETSNA project was similar to many projects I worked on at the time. It featured a custom layout, content management capabilities and some elements of front end flair.

I had recently completed version 1 of my Admin/CMS package, so it made building the back end a breeze. After completing the backend, I did some front end prototyping for the unique components of the site and reviewed Nate's front end code for the rest.

This project was unique in that we took an iterative release approach. We completed the homepage for phase one, added mini-blogs (with CMS capabilities) for phase two, and added case studies for phase 3. Unfortunately, the client never completed adding case study content, so the link to view the project links to the staging site with placeholder content.

June 2017
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  • Custom Content Management System
  • Custom Site Layout
  • Email Notifications
  • Laravel 5.4
  • Vue
External Credits
  • James Lacey - Product Management, Client Services
  • Dave Hughes - Design
  • Nate Steven - Frontend Lead
  • Website


  • Project Architect
  • Development Management
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Support