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Denver Metal Recycling

About the Project

The Denver Metal Recycling build was relatively straightforward. The site was going to be housed on a shared hosting provider, so it was important to keep the site as simple as possible. I built out the site using PHP includes for modularity. I integrated a Gulp build process to ensure I could use Sass for my stylesheet constructions.

The requirement that posed the biggest issue was the multitude of parallax sections. Up until this point, all the sites I built that featured parallax only had one such section per page. This site had three. After a bit of creativity, I got all the parallax sections working and everything was hunky dory.

January 2016
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  • Custom Layout
  • Email Notifications
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Gulp
  • Laravel Elixir
External Credits
  • James Lacy - Design, Project Management, Client Services
  • Eric Schmiedel - Backend Development
  • Website


  • Frontend Development